Director of Student Services
Dr. Melissa Chester

Dr. Averill Gordon
Military and Retail pharmacist, Corporate Healthcare director
20 years of experience

Dr. Bishop Hollifield
Specialty Infusion pharmacist
15 years of experience

Dr. Ashley Griffin
Hospital Pharmacist 
7 years of experience



falculty & advisory board

“After training under Dr. Chester the PTCB was a piece of cake and now I’m in my first year of pharmacy school”

David R. (Pharmacy Tech and FAMU College of Pharmacy c/o 2019)

“My first experience in a pharmacy was training under Dr. Chester.  He made learning interesting and fun.  After leaving I was confident in my abilities to go into any pharmacy.”

Kenneth L. (College of Pharmacy graduate c/o 2016)

“I was a pharmacy technician for 4 years before meeting Dr. Chester.  He inspired me to continuing learning and now I am pharmacist.”

Dr. William G. (LECOM c/o 2013, Pharmacy Manager)

"I was working in a photo department before Dr. Chester recommended I become a pharmacy technician.  This experience helped me realize how much I enjoy helping people.  I am about to enter nursing school and Dr. Chester was a great inspiration.”
Aaron C. 

“Dr. Chester has been a great mentor.”  

Ernest J. (3rd year Biology student)

“I’ve always looked up to Dr. Chester and he is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Tia H. (Doctor of Physical Therapy candidate)


Program Director / Chief Instructor
Dr. Albert D. Chester II 

Auquila Locke
Retail Pharmacy 
17 years of experience

Maribel Negron
Pharmacy Technician
25 Years of experience