Students will be advised prior to starting the program, the mid-session, at the end of the 10-week didactic portion and after the externship.  During these session students will be interviewed and surveyed to remedy any issues they may be having as well any improvements that need to be made to the program.

PHT 01 History of Pharmacy 
Course Description: The history of pharmacy practice, science, technology, and the evolving role of the pharmacist and pharmacy technician in the United States. This will include the first drugs, vaccinations, pharmacy organizations, and licensing bodies.  By means of lectures, audiovisual materials and worksheets information will be presented.

PHT 02 Professionalism 
Course Description: In this course students will learn how to create a resume and how to appropriately present themselves in a professional setting. This course will define proper grooming, attire, non-verbal and verbal communication skills, as well as team cooperation and diversity acceptance. Concluding with a brief description of the different types of pharmacies.  

PHT 03 Pharmacy Law, Standards, and Regulations 
Course Description: An introduction to both state and federal laws pertaining to pharmacy practice and the application of laws governing duties delegated to pharmacy technicians. Key reference guides that are necessary or pertinent in pharmacy practice will also be introduced. All aspects of this will assist in preparing the student for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam

PHT 04 Medical Terminology
Course Description: Medical terminology is the study of the principles of medical word building to help the student develop the extensive medical vocabulary used in health care occupations.   Students receive a thorough grounding in basic medical terminology through a study of root words, prefixes and suffixes.  The study focuses on correct pronunciation, spelling and use of medical terms. Anatomy, physiology, and pathology of disease are discussed yet no previous knowledge of these topics is necessary. 

PHT 05 Intro to Pharmaceutics with lab 

Course Description: Students will understand and perform aseptic techniques for sterile compounding, techniques for non-sterile compounding, and fill a compound from start to finish.  Student will learn proper packaging and labeling. This course will also cover the top 200 drugs along with other medications

PHT 06 Pharmaceutical Calculations
Course Description: Basics of pharmaceutical mathematics are covered to include reading, interpreting and solving calculation problems encountered in the preparation and distribution of drugs. This includes measurement conversions, ratios and proportions, percentage, dilution and concentration, units, intravenous flow rates, and solving dosage problems. 

PHT 07 Inventory Management and Computer Application 
Course Description: In this course students will learn the tasks and duties that all pharmacy technicians perform daily, weekly, and monthly.  The students will learn the ordering, posting, and storing process of inventory. They will also learn how to create a patient/customer profile, scan, type, fill a prescription and properly sell a prescription.  We will follow the process of returning drugs to storage or wholesaler.

This will consist of 180 hours of unpaid work in a pharmacy setting of the student’s choice.  If a student cannot find an externship location, one will be assigned to him/her. Students are given 5 weeks to complete 180 hours.


Personal Loans
Contact information and Links will be posted once official agreements with banking institutions are finalized

What we offer

1.) High school Juniors and Seniors at least 17 years of age that are on pace to receive a high school 
diploma. (high school students may complete the program but cannot take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board exam until turning 18 years of age)
**High school students will be allowed to enroll however it must be established through contact with properly responsible parties that pursuit of the training will not be detrimental to the student’s regular schoolwork**

2.) Anyone not in high school must have a High School diploma or GED 

3.) No prior felony convictions
Disclosure: The Florida Board of Pharmacy requires criminal background reporting on their applications for licensure and individuals with criminal backgrounds may not be eligible for licensure or employment.

4.) Payment of non-fundable $25 application fee​

Partial and Full scholarships will be available to qualified candidates.  Contact or (904) 289-1902

 Tutoring sessions are free of charge during 15-week session and will be coordinated by the 
 Upon completing their externships, students will be advised to register to the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) exam.  Capstone also offers one free 3-hours review session before students take the exam.  This review session is open to all preparing to take the PTCB exam however all non-Capstone students will be subject to a charge of $75.  Extra reviews sessions may also be subject to a charge that will not exceed $20 per hour.

Academic Advisement

At Capstone Institute we are developing not just professionals but people that will contribute to 
society in multiple capacities.  Our counseling services are open to all students that may seek help in any aspect of their personal life (financial, mental, physical, emotional, etc.).  Our service providers are not licensed counseling professionals however Capstone has resources that will connect all students to the appropriate authorities, if necessary.

Tutoring Services


Internal Financing
1.) 2, 3 payments paid biweekly or monthly payments (graduation/completion will not 
be allowed until fees are satisfied)

​2.) No interest financing

Counseling Services

Financial Services

Student Services