for sponsors and donors


Capstone Institute is a pharmacy technician-training program in the heart of Northwest Jacksonville, and 
is the first of its kind.  Our goal is to help individuals by providing opportunities for them and their 
underserved communities. Our pharmacy technician program will be an alternative to college for some, 
a viable option for those dissatisfied with their current employment situation, and an introduction for 
those with aspirations to work in the healthcare industry.   

In this inaugural year we are looking forward to establishing ourselves by not only improving the lives of 
individuals, but also making an impact on the community.  Your financial support will be instrumental in 
not only helping to develop pharmacy technicians, but more importantly, assisting them in becoming 
productive members of society.  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, donor, or supporter, 
please feel free to contact me personally at or (904) 993-1800.

The Capstone Institute would like to thank...

Dr. Albert D. Chester II